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EXID’s Jeonghwa talks about his upcoming film




EXID Jeonghwa talks about his upcoming film

Jeonghwa by EXID spoke about his upcoming action film in an interview.

Jeonghwa by EXID will participate in the film of The Dragon Inn Part 2: The Night of the Gods It’s about an incident involving a missing girl. Jeonghwa will her role as Ji Hye, a member of the squad of Yong ru gak and a dominant character who creates plans and strategies for the team.

It is the continuation of the legendary action film The Dragon Inn Part 1: The City of Sadness. During the interview he commented:

I got the chance to audition at The Dragon Inn. The parts of the characters spoke to me. I thought we had a lot of similar aspects. You could say it’s like a problem solver in an action movie. I wanted to test a character who would plan the operation and lead the people. Teamwork was important, and since I was the only female character, I was very careful not to be too out of place with the male characters.

When I changed my path to acting, I didn’t expect to greet viewers through a movie first. While there are definitely some points that I was missing after officially showing off a project like this one, I remember filming with all my might and thinking that it would be nice if I didn’t regret it.

It was through the members of The Dragon Inn that I could feel that we were a team, as I did when promoting the members through EXID. It was the first time I felt in the same boat as a colleague, so it was really interesting and I really wanted to share that. I really trusted it very much.

The Dragon Inn Part 2: The Night of the Gods It will premiere on February 10th.

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