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EXO Solo Songs You Should Know




EXO Solo Songs You Should Know

Each of the singers and rappers of the K-pop group EXO released solo songs that reflect their enormous musical potential. Listen to their suggestions.

The race of EXO is very successful, the band South Korea became a benchmark within the industry of K-Pop, not only for the music and its styles, but also for his artistic talents on stage.

The Boy group carry out Suho had the opportunity to show their skills as a group and solo, released songs individually and revealed their special musical proposal. Yay!

Something Singer Y. rapper EXO members officially debuted as solo artists, and others said they wanted to try a new facet by demonstrating their individual voice with record material they had produced.

Next, we’ll recommend a few traces in the lonely of Artists from EXOwho have favourited topics mix different genres, they belonged to projects or yours Subunits.

We recommend some songs from EXO’s solo idols


  • Young & Free: Song that he played alongside Mark from NCT 127, both showed their rap and powerful style.
  • You: The romantic and delicate theme was published as part of the project RAILWAY STATION by SM Entertainment.


  • Curtain: the emotional song of leader from EXO started low RAILWAY STATION by SM Entertainment.
  • Let’s Love: Promotional song from his first solo album Self-portrait.
  • Dinner: A sweet song in collaboration with Jane ak.


  • Lit: song Inspired by traditional Chinese rhythms, the MV showed a huge production.
  • SHEEP: The track was part of the record material LAY 02
  • Loss control: one melody Energy that showed the idol’s musical ability from EXO.


  • Love Again: Track that is part of the album’s tracklist joy.
  • Diamond: A trap melody contained in Lights of the city, Baekhyun’s first solo album.
  • Garden in the air: A. Home page dedicated boa.


  • Shall we: A romantic theme that Chen’s vocal and performance quality explored EXO.
  • Lil´Something: A collaboration of Chen with heat that was included in the project RAILWAY STATION from HER Entertainment.
  • You: Song in which the idol teamed up with the group Dynamicduo.


  • Minimum warm: A cute song and funny OST from She Is My Type.
  • Nothing: Just from Chanyeol for the comeback of EXO SC with 1 Billion Views.
  • Stay with me: Idol Collaboration With Beat for him EAST from goblin.


  • Tell me what is love: A track that is performed with a great feeling of Kyungsoo.
  • That’s ok: song that’s part of the project RAILWAY STATION by SM Entertainment.
  • For life: At the concerts of EXO, Kyungsoo usually interprets the English version.


Confession: A song that combines trap and hip hop, a powerful test of the talents of Jongin.


  • On me: only from Sehun for the comeback of the subunit EXO SC with 1 billion views
  • GO!: One song played by the minor member of EXO.

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