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EXO’s Kai and Baekhyun react to Kai’s debut solo “Mmmh” MV




Kai and Baekhyun react to Kai's debut solo "Mmmh" MV

EXO‘s Kai and Baekhyun sat down to see Kai “Mmmm” Music video together!

Kai made his solo debut on November 30th with his album “KAI” with the title track “Mmmh”. On December 2nd, fans could see how Kai and Baekhyun reacted to the breathtaking MV for his title track with a new video.

The boys were amazed by the CGI in the first scene and idol announced that it had been very cool while filming one of the dance scenes. Baekhyun was absorbed in the video and let out a scream of approval that hopped onto the track. They commented on the teleporting of idol in the video and he said, “I recently watched all of our individual EXODUS teasers. Your [superpower] was easy and mine was teleportation. That reminds me of back then. ”

Baekhyun praised outfits in the video. He also leaned forward to pause during the scene in which Kai’s chest is exposed. “I bet some of you will have to hit the space bar here,” Baekhyun commented.

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The couple were amazed at the surprising ending of the video, which shows a large rock with symbols of Xiumin and DO superpowers over ice and earth, and they suspected this might be related to their imminent return.

EXO's Kai and Baekhyun react to Kai's debut solo "Mmmh" MV

After the MV was over, Baekhyun say that he rose and achieved a mature sexy mood. Kai shared that by viewing the video objectively, he noticed things that he was disappointed with. The idol also thanked Baekhyun for joining and said to the fans: “You have waited so long, please support me and show a lot of love.”


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