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EXOs Kai shows his single life on I Live Alone




EXOs Kai shows his single life on I Live Alone

Kai, the EXO member will show their fans what their life is like and will melt the hearts of viewers by watching Kai’s coexistence with his nephews. Check out the teaser for the next episode of the show I Live Alone.

Kai will close with his in 2020 debut as soloist, the Idol of the SM entertainment company prepares all the details of your first mini-album in the lonelyand consolidate another facet within it run.

The Artists From South Korea will be a guest in the “I live alone” program, one show Chain MBC television whose mission is to show the coziest and warmest side of several celebrities from the world of entertainment.

Jongin is known for his love for his nephews and is a person who enjoys spending his free time in his House, that’s a little something EXO-L You can look into that chapter dedicated dancer, rapper Y. Singer from EXO.

A few hours ago the first progress the participation of Kai in the ‘I live alone ‘where the interpreter of ‘call me baby informs viewers about your home and your daily routine.

Kai proves in I Live Alone Teaser that he is king of the bears

The preview of the episode of ‘I live alone‘With Jongin It will take you over a minute and you can appreciate the incredible place Life, full of green spaces and lots of fun activities.

Kai seems to be walking the streets, and taking fresh air in a park near his residence Play with their little nephewsthat are very close to the star of Korean pop.

There are many elements that go into decorating the House from Kai Like the plush armchairs and brightly colored cushions that decorate your living room, but most noticeable is the number of figures, cuddly toys or other bear-shaped objects.

The next episode I live alone’ With Kai from EXO will be published on 20th November at 11:10 p.m. South Korea.

Recently, Kai The idol revealed his first promotional image for his solo artist project and sported a dark and mysterious look.

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