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EXO’s Kai: What relationship would you have with idol based on your character?





Find out what kind of relationship you would have with EXO’s Kai. Is your personality compatible with that of the idol?

The epitome of the dancer of K-pop group He excelled in his talent, he is one of the best in his SM agency and the industry, his efforts have earned him the opportunity to make his own Solo debut with his first mini-album. EXO-L She looks forward to getting to know a new side of the idol.

EXO’s wharf is characterized by the fact that one is ruled by Capricorn signwho describes him as an earthly person who struggles to achieve his dreams, his persistence motivates him not to give up and to be very persistent when he wants something. He also finds it easy to deal with adversity and is very close to the rules.

In the realm of love is that idol has experienced a relationship among celebrities but for the moment he is focused on his career, although he has previously confessed that he never takes the first step, if a girl attracts him he prefers to know her well to see if she has done it to have Chemistry.

Be over ideal girl, Kai prefers someone with a kind personality who has a passion for what he does and a dreamer of life. Someone with a natural style would conquer it, although it can be Personality of your zodiac sign play in your favor and complement that Idol.

Find out if you would game with the dancer from EXO, East exam will tell you According to your zodiac sign, what kind of relationship would you have with him? Soulmates, polar opposites, best friends or the perfect complement?


The idol of EXO shared the qualities of him the ideal girl. Find out if you would Play with Kai.


They are not at all compatible in terms of theirs Personality, but that would help them complement each other and have one BFF’s relationship, Kai would be your best friend Someone who supports you at all times and makes you laugh like no other. Plus, your special way of being will make you the idol’s best ally.


Your Relationship with Kai would be a relationship of romance Your personality has aspects in your favor that will help you idolize. Sharing the same vision of life as dreaming of starting a home, loving each other, and pursuing the same goals could be a bit monotonous.


He has very different ways of being, but his relation could be soulmates not necessarily in love terms, but they would share some attraction for one another. Your complementary personality too Kai As if you were the missing piece of the puzzle. Mind you, your feelings for the idol may be a bit superficial about being famous.


You and Kai They could share a great connection, their feelings are very similar, you could say they are like Soul mate, since with no one else you will feel anything like what the idol makes you feel. They also like to feel protected and there would be a lot of trust in one another.


Your Relationship would be love and hate They may dress, but together they would be like a bomb as their strong personalities would collide with each other a lot. The silver lining is that the two of you would get the best out of each other and get along in ways no one else does, but the roller coaster of emotions could put you down emotionally.


Your Relationship would be soul mates, They complement each other perfectly and have an enviable chemistry, they would understand each other with just one glance, they would be your best confidante, although you could suffer a lot if you lose your friendship or if you break in love.


You could be that the ideal girl from Kai and have one Romantic relationship, although everything may remain an idol fan because you have great admiration for him. Your personality could conquer the idol as you would be someone who breaks his defenses and feels unbalanced when he meets someone like you.


Your Relationship would be very intense would be that Pair perfect because they would attract each other and have no eyes for others. Their adventures would be to enjoy and experience everything they can in life. Of course, even if you know him well, there are things that surprise you about the idol, for better and for worse.


They have very different ways of being, they have no chemistry, theirs Relationship would be completely alien. They are not on the same page and interested in different things. When they are together they have a lot of misunderstandings and fights, so it is better to avoid each other.


Be of the same sign as Kai It could be very beneficial if both were complementary, although similar and ruled under Capricorn. it is Relationship would be best friends They have the same sense of humor, their way of thinking might be different, but that will help them develop a great deal of honesty between the two and not be afraid to say what they think.


Kai would that Love relationship that you couldn’t forget, a summer sweetheart, the boy you could never forget, whether they are together or not. Love will unite them, but they would not have a happy ending as their relationships are incompatible at all and they would collide with each other a lot. Opposites attract, but don’t stay together for long.


Kai would be the perfect friend, best friend, or soul mate. They complement each other and there is a great attraction. Of course, they have to work very well in their relationship in order to achieve their common interests and goals. You might argue a bit, but nothing that can’t be fixed.

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