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GFRIEND enchants you with the music video for «MAGO»





GFRIEND enchants you with the music video for «MAGO»Gfriend thrilled the fans with the video MAGO.

Gfriend released the music video for MAGO, the title track of his third album : Walpurgis Night. Bang Si Hyuk, Eunha, Yuju and Umji, written by FRANTS, talk about dealing with life.

Check out the fan comments:

Gfriend just saved me from depression. My heart beats for you gfriend

Yes!! It’s very perfect. I was hypnotized by his song. Everything about this MV is very successful.

Finally this complete song has been released !! Folks … let’s have fun on this comeback, not respond to the haters and ignore them. If you see the hateful comment, please ignore it and don’t reply to it. We’re friends, we have to be a good fandom, of course we don’t hate any other fandom. Let’s prove that BUDDY is a good and friendly fandom! Let’s spread happiness and peace folks !! Impressive!

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Screenshot and video: [YouTube] @ BigHitLabels

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