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GFRIEND triumphs in “The Show” with “MAGO”




GFRIEND triumphs in "The Show" with "MAGO"

Gfriend has expired in The show of SBS With WIZARD.

Translation of «Mago» by GFRIEND + texts into Korean and Romanization

Gfriend won the program The show of SBS With WIZARD. With 9185 points he exceeded Forbidden island by Ha Sung Woon already greeting by AB6IX.

Check out the fan comments:

I still can’t believe Gfriend broke up when their first comeback was a flop, but watch them celebrate their 70th WIN now! They are now the fourth kpop girl group to top that mark.

Gfriend really shows that small business performance is not to be underestimated. Just look at the idols performance even though the manipulated graphics were mistreated.

You look so happy and tired at the same time. Proof that they are really doing their best to make this comeback so keep sending so we can pay for their troubles. We have to give them a lot of trophies.

Congratulations on the first MAGO victory and the 70 victory! We are very proud of our girls and our friends’ efforts.

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Screenshot and video: [YouTube] @ TheKpop

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