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Got7’s BamBam falls in love with Breath Of Love Teaser




BamBam falls in love with Breath Of Love

Got7 will release Breath Of Love: Last Piece and BamBam wore an elegant style that caught the eyes of AHGASES, who are eagerly awaiting the record material.

Fans of Got7 got surprises every day as an appointment for them come back approaching, in addition to the first Teaser Groups were gradually revealed the pictures Individually of IdolsThis time it was the turn Bam Bamwho showed a look dazzling that you will love.

Now that the pictures of the Maknae line began to reveal the album’s premiere feels closer and the excitement of AHGASE continues to rise. The pictures Teaser You showed each of the members in three different scenarios and this was no exception.

BamBam shows his charm for Breath of Love: Last Piece

The interpreter of party She wears her hair in black, but although two of these pictures show that she is wearing an undercut look, the first picture shows her hair a little longer on either side.

The jewelry that wears that idol It helped compliment outfits that boast elegance and a touch of seduction, but one detail that stood out was the little braid that Bam Bam In one of the pictures she is hanging by her hair.

Recently we also told you how the members of have developed Got7 in the course of time he knows his before and after.

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