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Got7’s JB shows off their amazing mullet in Breath of Love teasers




Got7 JB shows off their amazing mullet in Breath of Love teasers

Very soon Got7 will release the album ‘Breath of Love: Last Piece’. JB’s teaser photos caught AHGASE’s attention for the idol’s incredible haircut as he wears a mullet that makes him look cool.

The boys from Got7 reveal new ones details for your come back With ‘Breath of Love: Last Piece‘, a musical project that they all worked on Melodies that’s what makes it CD.

‘BREATH’ It’s the first song that fans can hear about it was and it will be released on November 23Meanwhile he Record material will be published on the day 30th from that month. Wooow!

JYP Entertainment published the Progress for him musical return of tapethat include Group teaser Y. photos Individually that affected the heart of AHGASE, because that Idols they wear theirs Changes from look.

Today they shared three teaser images from JB to the ‘Breath of Love: Last Piece‘where the producer of K-pop appears with a style different and that you will surely love.

Jaebeom delights fans with new teasers for ‘Breath of Love’

Through her social networks Officers, Got7 revealed a new set from Photographs from JB to the ‘Breath of Love: Last Piece‘, the idol appears with a black and white look, but what caught the eye Internet users It’s incredible change from image.

Jaebeom now looks one Elegant Mullet, his hair is black in some Teaser appears with the bangs on the forehead, with one style disheveled, carefree and rude while looking more ethereal in others, with sparkling eyes showing his forehead.

The Mullet of composer is a topic of conversation in social networks Well that Haircut It has become fashionable in the last few months and it gives boys a nervous, dynamic and very cool touch. JB from Got7 is a great exponent of Mullet.

Jaebeom had already shown his cut from hair by doing Group teaser from Got7 to the ‘Breath of Love: Last Piece‘, AHGASE has a new opportunity that Mullet of idol by J.YP Entertainment.

The set of Teaser Individually from JB in the Twitter It already tops 90,000 likes, 48,000+ retweets, and thousands of comments from love of user from Networks Social who are excited for him next comeback from Got7.

Meet the Track list of disc Breath of Love: Last Piece‘ from Got7, the Singer Y. rapper were involved in the composition of the Songs of his return to the stages.

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