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“Homemade Love Story”: Lee Jang Woo and Jin Ki Joo take their relationship to the next level




KBS 2TV’s “Homemade love story” shared a look at Lee Jang Woo and Jin ki joo have a romantic date!

“Homemade Love Story” is a drama about the different stories that take place in the Samkwang Villa. It is a family drama about the owner of the villa, Lee Soon Jung (Jeon in hwa) who greeted everyone at their table. Lee Jang Woo Stars as a detail-oriented architect named Woo Jae Hee and Jin ki joo Co-stars like Lee Bit Chae Woon who has to take responsibility for looking after her family.


Previously, thanks to her friend Woo Jae Hee, Lee Bit Chae Woon was able to stay strong despite the many shocking truths that came her way. He frankly said to her that he felt upset and sad that he could not fully understand the pain she was going through, and he also said sweetly to her, “From now on I will love you more than anyone else in the world World world forever. “Lee Bit Chae Won heard these loving words of support from Woo Jae Hee and stood strong in the face of adversity.

New “Homemade Love Story” stills unveiled by KBS show Woo Jae Hee proposing to Lee Bit Chae Woon. Their eyes genuinely sparkle when they look at each other, and the colorful lights behind them add to the romantic atmosphere. After confirming their unchanging love for each other, they will happily enjoy a date between just the two of them.

"Homemade Love Story": Lee Jang Woo and Jin Ki Joo take their relationship to the next level

The producers of the drama said: “Today (January 3rd) the Koala Moongi couple received the award for the best couple [at the 2020 KBS Drama Awards] will demonstrate the height of their sweetness. What could be the secret behind Woo Jae Hee’s proposal that touched Lee Bit Chae Woon’s heart? Please look forward to watching the moment when the two completely fall in love. ”

Episode 32 of “Homemade Love Story” will air January 3rd at 7:55 pm KST.

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