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How much money does TWICE earn?




How much money does TWICE earn?

TWICE has become one of the most popular and influential groups in K-pop. How much money do you make?

Recently the girls from JYP were doing promotions with their comeback “I can’t stop”, Song with which they won a few victories and they managed to sell more than 260,000 copiesto create new ones Profits for your agency and for your personal assets. The girls have great idol status thanks to the fortune they have created in just 5 years of careers.

Since the debut, TWICE was a group that was seen as a promise of K-Pop, They manage to position themselves in the South Korean music charts, and since then they have built up a huge fan base thanks to singles “Likey”, “TT”, “Cheer Up”, “Fancy”among others to achieve records in Japan and South Korea.

In 2019 they made their first world tour known as “TWICELights”, Visit countries like Mexico and generate more economic income. The Idols from TWICAnd they started their dream in the Survival show “Sixteen”, where 9 girls were selected to be part of the new girls group and since their debut, money has been part of their careers.


According to some reports in the Korean press to get the career of TWICE, the Agency JYP made an investment of 429 thousand dollars, what they recovered after their success when the K-pop group managed to generate 43.3 million tickets sold.

Another of his Sources of income are advertising, Girls have been the face of various campaigns and brands like NBA and LG. That latest collaboration put speakers on sale at $ 175, but their impact on marketing began since their debut when they made it 10 contracts in his first year of career.

About you Contracts, the TWICE is priced between $ 1,666 and $ 250,000 and its value in the K-pop market is 250 thousand dollars, Figure they positioned as the seventh richest group According to reports from the Korean Business Institute, Forbes Magazine named them one of the most influential groups in the Korean industry and E! Online rated them as that second richest artist in her country.

With their album “More & More”, TWICE reached sell more than 500 thousand copiesBesides be Economic power allowed them to play nine reality shows, pay advertising for ONCE, perform donate and send food trucks for their fans.

In their outfits TWICE gets to invest Three thousand dollarsHis style is usually comfortable and youthful; You live in a place of residence Department worth 1 million 700 thousand dollars in the great village of Cheongdam. It is said to be that The group’s total assets are $ 35 million.

The girls from TWICE Not only do they have economic assets, but they also have a large family that consists of them Every member’s pets.

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