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How would the BTS guys be if they were your boyfriends?




How would the BTS guys be if they were your boyfriends?

Find out how the BTS guys would act if they were your boyfriends. Idols have qualities that make them the ideal partner for you and the ideal type of love.

BigHit’s idols continue to promote their new music with “Life Goes On”. With a series of interviews, presentations, and annual awards, the K-Pop group has shown why they are most popular this year and consolidating their careers as the best. In love life, they are not left behind because they have qualities what are they doing Perfect match.

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Each of the members of Bangtan owns a personality unique, full of qualities, flaws and virtues that they describe as romantic guys, to be attentive, reliable and perfect ideal boyfriend From a lucky girl R.M, Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, J-Hope, V and Suga They would do a lot of things for their kind ideal girlfriend Support her with details through thick and thin and with her way of showing love.

Although the Couple relationships sometimes they are not easy, the boys have many points in their favor that make them up the perfect boy for you. If you want to discover their behavior when one of them was you boyfriend We’ll leave you a list with that BTS personality traits and be qualities As the ideal guy for the army.

Recently the guys from Bts showed why they are in K-pop and most popular They won major awards at the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards.



Would be a player boyfriend, his tender side will make him someone who loves. I would always try to encourage you when something goes wrong, thoughtful, loyal and playful. He will be like your best friend as there will be a lot of trust between you and he will feel protected with you. Of course, you can be a little jealous.


Would be a romantic boyfriend, loving, would take you on dates and teach you to dance. He may be hopeless and forget important dates, but his love will be sincere and will always support you. Although he is a bit jealous, he will be attentive to you and always have something to talk about.


It will be the type of boyfriend that he would always be by your side, loving and romantic. He would be very patient with discussions and will see how you can feel good about yourself. He will always be your best support.


The leader of Bts would be a attentive boyfriend, lovable and intelligent. It would teach you a lot of things, it would also be romantic and pamper you. They have common interests and will always support you through thick and thin.


J-Hope would be a independent and free boyfriend, their relationship may not be that serious, but they will always trust you, they will be attentive and optimistic. He will teach you to dance and share hobbies with you.


Suga would be someone who is very reserved with his feelings, but for him actions are worth more than words. He appreciates the phrase I love you very much and he will only tell you at the right time. He would share his interests with you, he would be very romantic and loving, he would always surprise you with a token of affection and he would be 100% committed to the relationship.


Jin would be a comfortably boyfriend that would prepare romantic dinners for you, he would always remind you why he loves you and he would be very thoughtful, attentive and loving. He will be someone who understands in the face of bad times and arguments, although his flirtatious side would always make you nervous.

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