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“Hush”: Hwang Jung Min and YoonA are polar opposites in the new trailer for




"Hush": Hwang Jung Min and YoonA are polar opposites in the new trailer for

JTBC’s upcoming drama “Hush” has just released its main trailer!

The new Friday-Saturday series tells a story about the reality of newspaper reporters in Korea. It covers the everyday events of work in an office, from paycheck to paycheck and much more. “Hush” focuses on the experienced reporter Han Jun Hyuk (Hwang young min) and intern Lee Ji Su (Girls’ Generation’s YoonA) make their way through working life.

In the latest teaser, the two start their days in completely opposite ways. Han Jun Hyuk shows up at work humming with a work attitude without passion. He enjoys playing pool while Lee Ji Su works hard as an avid intern.

In one scene, Han Jun Hyuk shows off his skills in developing titles for articles for the interns. Although he used to be a passionate reporter, he is best known today as an expert in writing titles that get clicks. YoonA says in a short story: “The pen is stronger than a weapon, but a meal is stronger than a pen.”

The following scenes show reporters who face their reality and deal with it in their own way. At a company dinner, an employee tries his best to kiss his boss while Han Jun Hyuk focuses on enjoying his meal. At another meal, reporters share drinks and comfort each other as employees.

The trailer ends with Han Jun Hyuk and Lee Ji Su silencing the camera. “Hush” is meant to represent the real-life struggles that many office workers go through.

The first episode of “Hush” will air on December 11th at 11pm KST

Check out “More Than Friends” below!

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