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“Hush”: YoonA turns into a passionate reporter





JTBC’s “Hush” released new posters of YoonA as a hard-working intern!

The drama is about the everyday struggles and ethical dilemmas of newspaper reporters. It will portray their problems as those that all office workers deal with, and not just as reporters.

Hwang young min takes on the role of Han Joon Hyuk, a seasoned reporter who has lost his passion for work due to the harsh realities of the industry. In contrast, Girls’ Generation YoonA plays the spirited and courageous intern reporter Lee Ji Soo.

In the newly released poster, Lee Ji Soo focuses intensely on the computer screen while sitting on a desk cluttered with piles of documents and papers. Together with the text “A pen is more powerful than a weapon” Lee Ji Soo shows a passionate look that burns with determination to become a real reporter and to give everything.

"Hush": YoonA turns into a passionate reporter

However, Lee Ji Soo’s second poster shows an unexpected twist. Lee Ji Soo sends a signal of silence with one finger, and behind her is a laptop that shows that she actually thought about the lunch menu. Their willingness to protect their meals is as strong as their desire to uncover the truth. The poster also bears Lee Ji Soo’s motto: “But food is more powerful than a pen.” Viewers are excited to see how the drama portrays the lives of reporters working to make a living.

"Hush": YoonA turns into a passionate reporter

After her solid acting skills on last year’s hit “EXIT,” YoonA is expected to showcase her mature acting skills through her hilarious yet sincere portrayal of Lee Ji Soo’s growth. The production team said: “Viewers can look forward to YoonA’s acting transformation as she dynamically depicts intern Lee Ji Soo’s extreme survival story and dazzling growth as a reporter.” They added, “Please look forward to her special synergy with Hwang Jung Min, who will play the unmotivated reporter Han Joon Hyuk, as they stimulate mutual growth. You will present an assignable reality that will make viewers laugh and cry. ”

JTBC’s “Hush” will be released on December 11th at 11pm KST after the completion of “More than friends. ”

In the meantime, check out More Than Friends below:

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