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Hyeme and Black Swan’s agency is responding to fraud allegations




Hyeme and Black Swan's agency is responding to fraud allegations and planning legal action

Black Swan’s agency, DR Music, responded after Hyeme was accused of fraud.

Hyeme made their debut with the girls’ group Rania in 2015, and after many line-up changes, the group recently re-debuted as Black Swan and released their album “Goodbye Rania” on October 16.

On November 9, Dispatch reported that Hyeme had been tried on charges of defrauding a man (referred to as “A”) for approximately 50 million won (approximately $ 44,800). I reportedly filed a lawsuit against Hyeme on October 26th.

He met Hyeme on social media in December 2018 and that they exchanged direct messages on Instagram before meeting in person. In April 2019, Hyeme reportedly raised her financial concerns over a family problem and asked A to loan her 5 million won (approximately $ 4,500).

It is reported that she asked for further assistance, including money so that she could live in her own office (a type of studio apartment) instead of the group’s dorm. A said he spent around 50 million won on Hyeme in total, including the 5 million won loan, security deposit and monthly rent for her office, living expenses, and purchases with a credit card he provided.

A said that they didn’t date and that there was no physical relationship between him and Hyeme, and told Dispatch that he hoped she would succeed as a singer and was sorry she didn’t get into music due to money problems could concentrate.

The report goes on to say that Hyeme spent most of the money on entertainment expenses and claimed that she used the office for secret dates with other men. In March, A Hyeme reportedly asked to repay him the 5 million won loan and she said she would. He said he went to her apartment in May and told her to move out and pay back the rent. It is reported that Hyeme changed her phone number and vacated the apartment, and she had no contact with A.

On November 10, DR Music issued a statement addressing the allegations with quotes from Hyeme himself. The statement pertains to Hyeme as a former Black Swan member and states that she has hired DR Music’s legal advisor to take legal action against A for intimidation, sexual harassment and defamation for spreading maliciously false information.

DR Music went on to say the agency had also decided to take all possible legal action against A and the news agency, which first released a report of obstruction to business and defamation, as well as a correction to the report that described it had dire effects had on Black Swan’s promotions.

DR Music stated, “We are very surprised by the unexpected case of Hyeme’s fraud suit. We are very sorry for the unintended controversy. “They added,” After consulting her, we found that the facts in the first report were skewed and there were many parts that were extremely exaggerated. ”

She said of DR Music: “First, I apologize for doing the agency and fans a disservice for my negligent behavior.”

She then said that A and Hyeme did not meet on social media but met when she was briefly a broadcast jockey at afreecaTV and he supported her with many “star balloons” (monetary donations). She explained, “I met him out of gratitude, with no other meaning.

However, A came to the office I lived in and told me while he was drinking alcohol that he wanted to be my friend and made excessive requests, such as requesting sex, so I had to avoid him. Aside from the loan of 5 million won, most of the items were voluntarily provided by A himself. This also includes the credit card. He invaded my privacy by coming to my house without contacting me, but I disagreed with his sexual requests. ”

She continued, “I also made it clear my intention to repay the 5 million won loan after November and avoided contact with him because, as a woman, I was afraid to continue asking about sex or making suggestions. that we meet. I have never betrayed or shunned him out of malicious intent. Since our promotions started, I can’t “disappear” anyway. I will reveal all the details of the truth through the lawsuit. ”

She stated, “I won’t stand for the way he described me as a strange woman by saying I used the office to meet men on secret dates. I have a witness and evidence to prove this is not true. ”

DR Music also wrote that she was no longer under the agency, stating that she had been under contract as a member of Rania since 2015 and her contract ended on Nov. 7 after promoting her debut song with Black Swan. They continued, “Although the company has no obligation to respond as this is a personal matter, we will actively help Hyeme. This irresponsible malicious report tarnished a project that started after so much effort, but we are not going to stand idle. ”

The agency added that Black Swan will temporarily cease its official activities from November 11th.

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