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Hyerim reveals she felt insecure after meeting Jihyo for the first time as a JYP trainee TWICE





Former Wonder Girls member Hyerim opened about her difficult first day as an apprentice at JYP Entertainment.

Following KBS 2TV’s “On dream School” on November 29, Hyerim gave advice and encouragement to senior high school seniors preparing for the CSAT (Korea’s Annual College Entrance Exam).

Hyerim reported on her own experiences as an Idol trainee: “I have loved singing and dancing since I was young. After school, I spent more time singing and dancing in front of the mirror than studying, and I dreamed of becoming a girls group member. ”

“I heard that JYP was auditioning in Hong Kong,” she continued, “so I decided to give it a try. I had to leave my friends and family behind and go [to Korea] alone, but the reason I could because I wanted to be a singer no matter what. ”

However, Hyerim admitted: “When I look back on my time as a trainee, not everything was happy and joyful. I still remember my first day as an apprentice. It was Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2007. ”

“I cried on my first day of training,” she revealed. “Because when I was [an ordinary student] In Hong Kong I thought I was the most beautiful and best dancer. But when I got to the practice room on my first day they were all so much better than me and they were all so pretty. ”

She then mentioned TWICE Jihyo in particular recalls: “Jihyo was there twice at that time. Her eyes were so much bigger than mine. I thought I had the biggest eyes [out of anyone I knew]but her eyes were even bigger. She was so pretty and she was so talented. So I felt very insecure and all of a sudden I felt very small. My self-esteem really went down. I felt like a fish in a small pond that had been brought into a vast ocean. ”

Hyerim reveals she felt insecure after meeting Jihyo for the first time as a JYP trainee TWICE

However, Hyerim’s story had a happy ending: although she initially felt discouraged, she put in a lot of hard work as an apprentice and made her successful debut as a Wonder Girls member in 2010.

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