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Idols who come from poor families and now are stars





Idols who come from poor families and now are stars

Not all K-pop idols had an easy or straightforward path, some went through tough economic times that didn’t limit them.

Lots Idols They weren’t born in a golden cradle, which means they struggled from a young age to have their own dreams in the world of Korean entertainment, A medium heavy Y. competitive.

The Stories of Idols They tend to be very tough, and not all were born in an environment that offers them economic opportunity Moments that has defined it to this day.

This time we will tell you something Singer Y. rapper of K-pop went through situations precarious to debut and sharing your talents with the world and showing your fans the power of hard work and perseverance is the key to success.

Know the stories of these Idols and get inspired. Use your difficulties as a motor to keep you going, set your own goals and goals achieve your goals.

Idols who come from poor families and now are stars


IU and his brother began to live with their grandmother after the precarious period economic situation his parents who Singer He discovered his love for music at a young age and prepared for various tests to enter companies as a trainee that turned out to be fraudulent.


The family of Taeyang had hard Problems financially Since then, when he was a kid, he has been worried about his future and unsure of his dreams in music idol managed to be selected as an apprentice YG Entertainment where it was selected as member from BIG BANG.


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BTS Suga

Rappers off Bts left his hometown at a very young age, the family of August D. did not accept his dream of being idol So he followed suit Seoul look for opportunities. He started working part-time jobs so he could eat and also sold titles and lyrics at very low costs.

Super Junior Leeteuk

Leeteuk He has mentioned many times that his family went through moments difficult economical, the member of Super junior learned to use barriers as impulses idol. He now belongs to one of the Cluster most legendary of the Hello Hallyu.

SHINee Taemin

The member of SHINee I go through many financial difficulties He said he didn’t have enough money to buy a music player and only used his headphones to avoid being teased. Nowadays, Taemin is considered one of the best soloists in the K-pop.


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Sandra Park

The ex integrant from 2NE1 She is known for her cute voice and great picture. The Singer had to bear the costs from him family When she was very young, she was a recognized model and thus became one of the Stars largest of the Korean pop.


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The family of V. engages in agriculture, an extremely important but not well paid activity that is a member of Bts He thought that he would work in his relatives’ gardens all his life. Taehyung had a great writing path because he accompanied one of his friends to a complement of Big blow, where the interpreter of ‘Winter bear‘was invited to be part of the Companies.

Can you imagine anything of yours? Favorite idols as President from a country?, there are many Artists of Korean pop who have shown their talents as leaders.

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