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Is Jungkook sending a key message to protesters in Hong Kong?




Is Jungkook sending a key message to protesters in Hong Kong?

Jungkook used an important symbol for the protesters in Hong Kong. This accessory could reflect the idol’s support for the social movement.

Some time ago the members of Bts got the Van Flee Awardt where they shared an emotional speech, the idols’ words were not well received by some Chinese internet users.

The members of the band K-pop they published the package ‘Season’s Greetings’, which contained the group’s collectibles and official merch, in a video preview Jungkook appeared with a special item.

The Golden Maknae He looked like a city boy in a black suit, an animal print shirt of different colors Outfit had a special touch that idol posed for the camera with a great yellow umbrella.

Many users of social networks They think there is a way that Jungkook expressed his support for the protesters by Hong Kong. Could it be that the singer from Big Hit Entertainment sent a special message?

Jungkook models from BTS with yellow umbrella

Different citizens Hong Kongers they created that Umbrella movement Due to a political crisis, protesters used this yellow accessory for the law amending the extradition law.

The Video from Jungkook with the umbrella yellow It was a topic of conversation and trending, many internet users commenting that it is a way the idol is demonstrating its support for the people of Hong Kongothers believe it is just a coincidence.

The truth is Bts is known for addressing social issues and they became one of the youth characters leading a global campaign to end violence, inviting their fans to follow suit ‘Love yourself‘.

The retro spot from Beyond the scene already has more than 5 million views on the platform Youtube. Do you think that Jungkook sent a Embassy in code too Protesters from Hong Kong?

The album ‘BE’ has great themes and emotional songs, the phrases of Bts They will make your heart fall in love.

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