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Jaehyun, everything you need to know about NCT idol




Jaehyun, everything you need to know about NCT idol

Jaehyun from New Culture Technology has had a broad career in the world of K-pop. Learn more about its history and personality and be amazed by its whole story.

Jaehyun was born on February 14, 1997 in the South Korean city of Seoul, the idol measures 1 meter 80 centimeters, his weight is 63 kilos, his blood group is A, the singer by K-Pop It is ruled by the Aquarius zodiac sign and its Chinese animal is the ox.

Before he became famous, he lived in the United States for 4 years and when he was in eighth grade he added that he joined the agency as an apprentice SM Entertainment, managed to enter as a trainee and joined the SMROKIES project.

By 2016, his profile was announced as the second official member of NCT U, Debut with digital single “The 7th sense”, the MV It premiered on April 8th and has garnered more than 94 million views on YouTube.

The same year HER started the Subunit NCT 127, Group that debuted the song on July 6, 2016 ‘Fire engine’, a powerful and rhythmic track that mixes various interesting elements such as hip hop and R&B.

Jaehyun’s solo logos

The role models of Jaehyun are Chris Brown Y. Siwon from Super junior, Both celebrities inspired him to follow his dreams in music.

Jaehyun extended his career as idol and other facets he developed were driving. He appeared in various variety and music programs that he modeled for important magazines such as ELLE and High Cut.

His baritone voice gave him the opportunity to be part of two dramas, the idol of NCT 127 bestowed his Singing talent for ‘New loveEAST from “Best mistake” Y. ‘New dream‘, a collaboration with Taeil that was part of the soundtrack of ‘Dokgo Rewind ‘. As a soloist he has the melancholy theme ‘Try again‘, he worked with D. ear, the song was positioned as one of the most heard ballads on digital platforms.

The drama ‘Dear M‘ represented the idol’s debut as actor and shows his power to conquer the camera and move the hearts of the audience with his scenes of romance, action and comedy.

The idol and his companions NCT 2020 released amazing teasers for the album’s next release. ‘RESONANCE PT.2 ‘.

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