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Jihyo and Kang Daniel stopped advertising twice




Jihyo and Kang Daniel stopped advertising twice

Kang Daniel and Jihyo from TWICE had a love affair for 1 year and 3 months, the Korean pop idols decided to part ways, the entertainment agency JYP shared more information about it.

Recently, Members from TWICE they returned to Scenarios with his second Record material from long-lasting “eyes wide open”, the Idols promote the topic with great success’I can’t stop‘.

In the middle of this incredible come backNews surprised them fanatic the grouping feminineas indicated by some Korean media reports Jihyo Y. Kang Daniel would have finished it is Love relationship.

The Agencies from both Artists had not given a statement or position on the matter, it was until November 10th that a representative of the JYP entertainment company made known the emotional situation of Stars.

JYP confirms Jihyo’s separation from TWICE and Kang Daniel

JYP talked to Jihyo, the singer of TWICE confirmed that he had finished his Love relationship from 1 year and 3 months With Kang Daniel, the Companies that represents the Interpreter from ‘Feel special ‘ did not reveal any further details.

We find out it’s true, them They parted Recently

The Messages Support for both did not wait in that social networksThe users shared various words of encouragement for the duo that are sure to be going through a rough time.

The leader from TWICE and the soloist They met in 2018, a mutual friend introduced them and from that moment on they both created a good friendship chemistry that very soon became one Dear interest from both sides.


In August 2019 the engagement from Jihyo Y. Kang Daniel was published, which solved differently Reactions of fanatic from TWICE and the singer of ‘Where are you ‘, Something Internet users supported the relationship while others were dissatisfied with it Pair.

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