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Jimin has the power to soothe babies with his voice




Jimin has the power to soothe babies with his voice

Apparently Bangtan member Sonyeondan has a knack for relaxing babies and filling them with happiness. This video showed Jimin’s influence on the little ones in the house.

Jimin The South Korean artist, known in the entertainment world for his dancing and singing skills, wowed audiences worldwide with an enchanting performance and energetic stage presence.

All factions of idol are cute, their appearance seems to be that of a tender boy, with large, bright and youthful eyes, the singer’s lips K-pop They are also a good reference, they are reddish and natural in color.

The interpreter of ‘Lie’ is the perfect blend of beauty and talent, the characteristics of the Busan city artist don’t just affect ARMY of all ages he also managed to impress Babies.


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Means of South Korea reported a clip that caught the attention of internet users on various social networks and online platforms. Jimin and a baby were the protagonists of a sweet moment.

The Tik ​​Tok clip showed a infant see the part of Jimin in the official video of ‘dynamite‘, his reaction was the same, he was smiling from ear to ear when he heard the voice from Jimin and emitted noises that expressed happiness.

Nothing prevented the little boy from falling in front of the member’s charms and Bts tone, had all eyes fixed on the picture of the artist from Big Hit Entertainment and just turned to the camera to share a lovely smile.

Internet users defined the moment as:

An angel listening to another angel

It is not the first time that Jimin demonstrated the ability he has to win the love of the smallest of the house, videos of babies listening to the song ‘Serendipity’ circulated on the web to sleep.

Without a doubt, Jimin is a wonderful person and babies sense him through his voice.

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