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Jimin misses Suga and reveals more details about his surgery




Jimin misses Suga and reveals more details about his surgery

Park Jimin sent a nice message to Suga, the BTS rapper is on hiatus after he sprained. These were the words the ‘Lie’ singer shared with ARMY.

The boys from Bts are ready for the next one 20th November Do your long awaited come back with the Album ‘BE‘, the Idols the company Big Hit Entertainment They worked hard to bring joy and music to their fans’ homes.

A few days ago it was reported that Suga had been subjected to one surgery from emergency, the agency that does the rapper revealed that the procedure was a success and that she had to rest so that she would not be activities Y. Actions with their colleagues.

Thousands of followers sent a lot of force Yoongi, the native musician of city from Daegu must rest for a long time in order for the surgery have the effect doctors expect.

Suga He’s a good friend of Jimin, in order to The singer sent a Embassy especially for your partnerwhere he showed that they are not only work colleagues but also have a deep affection.

Jimin says he misses Suga from BTS

By Youtube, Jimin made a Life as part of the actions of Record material from ‘HIS ‘, the interpreter of ‘filter‘ shared some aspects about the new Projects from Bts and sent a tender message to Suga.

Jimin explained that Min Yoongi it is found recover Cheap of his surgery He asked too ARMY do not worry about the health situation of August D. He puts all his energy into returning to the stage.

The idol from Busan commented that he missed being around Yoongi, understand that it is a very important process for you friend So you just have to help him and send him a lot of good vibes.

Jimin commented that the most important thing for the interpreter ‘shadow‘It was his health because he wants to spend a lot of time next to him ARMY::

The reason for the operation Suga is that he wants to be with you much longer

Recently, Suga went crazy Internet when he shows up with his new one change from lookThe famous rapper modified his appearance for a special project of the Bangtan Boys. Why is?

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