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Jimin shows his divine elegance in a rehearsal video “Black Swan”




Jimin shows his divine elegance in a rehearsal video "Black Swan"

Jimin from BTS showed a behind the scenes video of his rehearsal of Black Swan.

Translation of “Black Swan” by BTS + texts in Korean and Romanization

Jimin from BTS amazed the fans once again with a video of his rehearsal from Black Swan. In the shot you can see the incredible elegance of the dance moves Idol.

On the other hand, Suga and J-Hope, like the rest of the group members, wrote a letter to ARMY:

Suga: Lately I’ve been enjoying playing the guitar. All my worries go away when I play the guitar! Dear ARMY, what does BTS mean to you?

J-Hope:We were able to come here just thanks to all of you! Thank you for always being by our side. We miss you so much! Dear ARMY, what words comfort you the most?

Jimin Black Swan BTS

Jimin shows his divine elegance in a rehearsal video "Black Swan"

Check out the fan comments:

Jimin, the incredibly talented artist in the world. He’s “powerful” and makes it look so easy … I enjoy seeing him perform, it scares me! He is absolutely the cutest, sexiest man ever! I love you so much, Park Jimin … carry on baby !! 👍 ~ .. ~ ♥ ️🙌 ♥ ️ ~ .. ~ ♥ ️🙌 ♥ ️ ~ .. ~ ♥ ️🙌 ♥ ️ ~ .. ~ ♥ ️🙌 ♥ ️ ~ .. ~ ♥ ️🙌 ♥ ️ ~ .. ~ ♥ ️🙌 ♥ ️ ~ .. ~

Jimin is literally the elegant black swan period

This guy is so hardworking, dedicated, caring, loving, dazzling, gorgeous, attractive, handsome, cute, sexy, charming, handsome, gorgeous and the list goes on

He wanted his performance to be perfect and shows how committed he is as an artist and artist. So proud of him for his efforts and other members around <3. Also, notice how the wand patted his head when exhausted after stepping on: ((PROUD OF Jimin AND PROUD of the guys too!

I love the way this man dances and moves, it’s divine

How is this man real? The way your body moves is like the flow of water. He tries so hard, I love the black swan and I love Jimin!

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Screenshot and video: [YouTube] @BANGTANTV

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