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Jin from BTS makes the “V” for victory for ARMY





Jin from BTS makes the V sign of victory for ARMY.

Jin from BTS makes the "V" for victory for ARMY

Check out the following fan comments:

You can’t imagine how long I’ve been waiting for an update from you.

For the love of Allah I will think from morning that yaaa Kim Seokjin Apdeet

Heart again what can i do Surely looking for a hole in your heart

KIM SEOKJIN, Angkot is very close to three thousand, if you are far that’s in my heart

II wake up today thinking of you a, I didn’t concentrate, they just asked the juice man, mba buy what juice, mba, because his thoughts are for you, I answer the juice as you are

Seokjin I love you so much

Please take care

You are amazing aaaah, I love you so much

Eat well … And watch out, I want to hear you say “Ridiculous” but in Spanish

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