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Jin gives Jungkook a fun life lesson he won’t forget




Jin gives Jungkook a fun life lesson he won't forget

The members of BTS have a great friendship and often joke with each other. Jin stole Jungkook money and showed him a lesson he will remember for all his life.

Online platforms have been of great help to members of Bts Keep in touch with your fans all over the world, especially in this day and age. Seokjin He is the oldest of the group and can have many Lessons to share with others, however Jungkook paid for the consequences of this funny news.

The interpreter of Abyss made a new publication on Fancafe, describing one of his recent adventures with his partner Bts.

Jin takes the Maknae money to teach him a lesson

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The Singer the group revealed that he paid $ 10 to Jungkook To get this idol to take care of the dishes when they are money will be the reward for your work, Seokjin took the money again.

The idol said it was his job to teach him Life lesson and it’s certainly a sign that things don’t always go fair. LOL!

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