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Jungkook becomes the inspiration for a boy with Asperger’s




Jungkook becomes the inspiration for a boy with Asperger's

Jungkook’s new look quickened the hearts of the ARMYs and also gave strength to a boy who saw his performance alongside the idol group.

A few days ago one of the most popular awards took place in South Korea, where big stars of the USA came together K-pop in order to Bts was present. The Idols They wore on the red carpet and on stage for the event, but all of their fans were moved when a family revealed the impact that award had on their son.

According to their publications, the family has one member who the Asperger syndrome and like any fan, he didn’t want to miss the awards they’d be performing at Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, RM and V.

BTS fan decides to change his look thanks to Jungkook

The syndrome of this boy is a disorder that leads him to unusual social behavior and according to his family he doesn’t let anyone touch his head or face, but that changed when he saw Bts by doing Mnet Asian Music Awardsbecause he immediately asked her to You will cut your hair have the same style as Jungkook.

This event has gained presence among active fans in social networks, which in turn has the positive and motivating effect of Idols have in their life.

We told you that recently Bts continues to add records Billboard and has just reached one of the PSY marks.

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