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Jungkook shows his passions in individual photos for BE




Jungkook shows his passions in individual photos for BE

Jungkook is the fourth member of the Bangtan Boys to share his conceptual photos for his band’s return with the record material ‘BE’.

The K-pop singer was responsible for creating a special atmosphere for his teasers.

The return Beyond The Scene Musical is the next 20th November, from the weekend the Singer Y. rapper of Big hit entertainment company have started to reveal that individual conceptual images to the ‘HIS‘.

Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, Jimin, V, Suga Y. RM have tried to create differently Environments for the photos conceptually which the content of your album, East come back It will be different because the Idols They worked in the area creative and from address.

This morning by the social networks by the company Big Hit Entertainment and from Bts the two concept photos from Jungkookwanted to share the celebrity with you ARMY his two great passions in life.

BTS’s Jungkook chooses dark colors to create BE concept photos

Unlike her colleagues, she is palette from Colours What Jungkook chosen is darker and with shades that give it a lot of depth conceptual image from ‘HIS‘, the singer of’My time ‘appears in the middle of a brown armchair and plays with the perspective of the set.

The elements that are at the bottom of the Golden Maknae These are large speakers and other sound elements that are used to make music. In addition, the ceiling is lined with material to isolate noise, which would create an illusion Jungkook is in a recording studio.

The accompanying audio individual teasers from ‘HIS ‘ is an explanation for the healing work that Jungkook practiced for the set that Bangtan boy greeted his fans in his room, revealed that in the session photographic for him come back couldn’t miss that music and the speaker.

I wanted to create a space that broadcast music so that those who see it could have an idea of ​​who I am

Jungkook added that the music can become one of the most powerful consolations for the heart because there is energy, joy and strength, the idol recommended when ARMY going through a difficult time:

They can hear music that gives them strength and they love to do it

Yesterday the conceptual images from RM, the BTS guide decided to take a warm room and a homely environment as a reference to heal hers Teaser for him come back With ‘HIS‘.

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