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Kai bursts into tears over an emotional message from a fan




Kai bursts into tears over an emotional message from a fan

The promotions for his solo debut have already started and Kai met his fans through a show that gave them a lot of emotion. We will tell you why the idol cried at a fan’s message.

Kai just joined the members of EXO who have already started a career as soloists and show their followers a new facet in which they reflect their charm and talent. The Dancers and singers received many letters from those wishing to congratulate him on the new start, but one of these messages reached the heart of Kai as a fan told how he did idol helped her.

The artist of SM entertainment He has already had many activities planned since embarking on a solo career, including broadcasting on V Live, where Kai talked about his new album.

The story of a fan brings Kai to tears live

The idol prepared various dynamics for this moment in which he would connect with that EXO-L Among them, he read some messages in the form of letters that his fans had prepared for him, but one of them made him explode tears based on the emotions shared by a loyal fan.

This is a student preparing for the university entrance exam. However, this is a very stressful time for students from all over the world South Korea has become known for the effect that any pressure can have on applicants.

The girl announced that she’s had a tough season lately, but than that idol She appeared on the I Live Alone program and showed what her house and routine in it are like. The student could laugh again.

When I think of you, my stress subsides (…) I’m relieved that someone like you exists.

she is happy EXO-L He said he was motivated to study hard so he could keep track of the activities of Kai and also that she was sure that the release of the idol’s theme song would help her perform well on her exam.

The idol couldn’t contain that cry and also expressed his thanks to all who support him and revealed that the most important thing for him is the happiness of those who have always been by his side.

Recently the member of EXO prepared a Unboxing this motivated his followers to buy the record material that marked a new stage in his career.

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