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Kai sets new records on iTunes with his solo debut




Kai sets new records on iTunes with his solo debut

Kai had a great reception with his debut project, Mmmm and record material got on the iTunes World Album Chart, ranked number one on consecutive days.

Kai is one of the most popular and popular idols of the South Korean entertainment industry, the singer of HER worked hard and after many years of career debuted with a Mini album Study.

On November 29th via the YouTube platform Jongin started the MV from ‘Mmmh’, a romantic, daring and energetic theme with a futuristic concept in which it was teleported to different environments.

The official clip topped 17 million views and broke a recording as the most watched solo video in less than 31 hours, now this idol from EXO achieved new recognitions in the charts of iTunes Y. Spotify.

Kai triumphed with his solo album and Mmmh

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Jongin created new brands with his debut album KAI (开) entered the world album chart by iTunes At number 1, the track list stayed in the same place for three consecutive days.

Mmmm‘ became the # 1 song on iTunes, Jongin topped the list in 34 countries around the world including Brazil, Costa Rica, the Philippines, Turkey, Paraguay, Peru and Mexico.

The melodies of “Nothing On Me”, “Amnesia”, “Reason”, “Ride Or Die”, “Hello Stranger” and “Mmmm‘ have been reproduced on the platform more than 4 million times Spotify. Kai’s songs ranked number one in 106 countries Apple Music.

The Confession-Interpreter will close the year with great triumphs, his debut promotions will continue and bring his fans more surprises and presentations. What do you think of Kai’s success?

Kai and Baekhyun have a close friendship, both partners of EXO reunited to respond to Jongin’s debut MV. What were the opinions of the SM entertainment singers?

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