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Kai shares his enthusiasm for the success of his solo debut




Kai shares his enthusiasm for the success of his solo debut

As a solo artist, Kai made an iconic entry into the world of K-Pop with the intensive record material.

The EXO member showed his feelings for this important step in his career and the successes it brought with the premiere of Mmmh.

November 29th Kai presented his first Mini album as soloistThe idol of la showed its most elegant, daring and professional side in the clip that inspired a futuristic and formidable vision.

Kai revealed 6 songs for his debut: ‘Mmmm‘,’ Nothing On Me ‘,’ Amnesia ‘,’ Reason ‘,’ Ride Or Die ‘and’ Hello Stranger ‘, all with a style of R&B, Hip Hip and Trap that mixes perfectly with the voice of the idol.

Jongin He was a special guest on the Cultwo Show where he talked about his debut as soloist and his first impressions of the reception of the people and his bandmates.

The singer of ‘TEMPO’ stated that it was the first time that he released a CD with songs he interpreted, he confessed that his colleagues EXO They sent him messages praising his singing technique and tone:

They told me that my singing tone is very good

Kai’s success with his solo album and the effect of the song Mmmh

The MV from ‘Mmmh ‘ registered more than 11 million views, its premiere caught the attention of Internet users on the social networks Some hashtags and mentions dedicated to the idol became trending.

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Kai have the recording as a soloist of SM entertainment that achieved the fastest 10 million views with ‘Mmmh ‘is the first male debut video clip to have more than 10 million views on YouTube in less than 31 hours.

Furthermore, KAI (开) debuted at number 1 on the album charts of iTunes in more than 50 countries around the world including Mexico, Argentina, Canada, Greece, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand and many more.

The first studio album by Kim Jong in The CD conquered the two most important online music platforms in China and reached first place in the charts of QQ music Y. KuGou music.

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