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Kai shows his charm as a family man on Stay Bodyluv




EXOs Kai shows his charm as a family man on Stay Bodyluv

EXOs Kai becomes a babysitter for two children and wins their hearts. The idol showed his fatherly side in his new reality show “Stay BodyLuv”.

The member of the K-pop group The SM agency took a break from its usual routine and ventured into a new family experience. After completing his first solo album with the song “Mmmh”, Kai was a Surrogate parent and made EXO-L fall in love with its homely image.

Via the YouTube channel of Bodyluv, the first episode of Stay Bodyluv, a reality show that will feature it Kai As the Ben and Williams babysitters, two children Foreigners living in the country with his father, the idol already has childcare experience as he has nephews whom he mentors and adores, so his skills as a family man are talented.

EXO-L You can keep a close eye on this program, which broadcasts every Tuesday and Thursday. Will he accomplish his mission of becoming two little boys’ best friends? The quintessential dancer took a trip to get to a house in the country where he met Ben and William, which he conquered with his care and friendship.


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In the first episode of “Stay Bodyluv”, Kai He arrived at the children’s home very early and was preparing to prepare lunch for them, inspired by the tastes of his nephews. He also brought them some presents to have fun with and to gain their trust because he didn’t want things to get uncomfortable.

EXO-L fell in love with her demeanor fatherly, because he made sure that one of them didn’t walk and stumble so fast. He also played “hopscotch” with them, an activity that consists of throwing a bucket of cloth as far as possible. He even got on a spinning wheel they had in the yard. LOL In the previews one of the boys was shown to start dancing, showing him Kai his best moves and he assures him that he will be the new member of EXO.

Kai also had the opportunity to relive his childhood because Ben and William They had their “BeyBlade” tops, inspired by the anime of the same name, when he saw them he started playing with them for a while. As a nice fake guy and babysitter, it is shown that the idol also helps the boys to put the Christmas tree they take Selfies together and eat pizza when it is snowing.

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