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Kim Hye Yoon shares her plans for 2021




Kim Hye Yoon shares her plans for 2021

Kim Hye Yoon recently spoke about her plans for 2021 in an interview with Star News!

During the interview, Kim Hye Yoon thanked him for receiving the AAA potential actor forgive. She shared, “I was very nervous about the ceremony, but I felt it was a really significant award.” The actress stated, “I see potential as something that I have to find myself. I think I’ll be able to show a side of myself that even I didn’t know about.”

Kim Hye Yoon said, “It wasn’t long ago that we made a fan club name. I think the Asia Artist Awards were the first time I said them during an acceptance speech. It felt weird. Saying the name of my fan club was also something I wanted to do while receiving an award. It was a strange feeling. I used to say to my fans, “Hi everyone,” but now that I mentioned Hyeppy Ending (Kim Hye Yoon’s fan club) it felt like we’d become one. ”

The actress commented: “To say a word about Hyeppy Ending, I am grateful to have fans who cheer me on happier, faster and more intensely than anyone else. I can’t believe that many people love me every time. I think it’s difficult to sincerely convey your feelings to someone. Since my fans do this and sincerely give me love every time, I am so grateful and get the thought that I definitely have to give love back. Thank you for being with me Let’s stay together in the future. ”

Although fans were sad that Kim Hye Yoon only appeared briefly on television through cameos in “Record of Youth”,Live on, “And”True beauty“Kim Hye Yoon announced that she was busy filming for the film”The girl who rides a bulldozer”(Literal title). The film tells the story of Hye Young (played by Kim Hye Yoon), who is investigating her father’s whereabouts after he has had an unexpected accident.

Kim Hye Yoon revealed that 2020 was a year where she looked back on herself and learned many things. She shared, “I had an attitude that I was making progress. To move forward, it was a year I looked back. I’m also thinking about how to spend the next year. I think it would be nice if I got a little more mature. I’m half scared and half excited and looking forward to seeing how I matured next year. ”

Kim Hye Yoon stated that she will return with the in 2021 new JTBC drama “Snowdrop” (literal title). The actress expressed a wish that the current situation with COVID-19 would improve quickly so that she could exercise and make a positive impression on viewers.

On “Snowdrop” Kim Hye Yoon announced: “It’s my first drama after”Extraordinary you. ‘It’s a new feeling. Since the viewers have been waiting a year, I think I can greet them with a new side of myself that is different from what I’ve shown so far. Please wait a little longer. ”

Eventually, Kim Hye Yoon announced that she wanted to become an actress that viewers would no doubt see. She expressed her desire to always be aware that she should make progress.

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