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Kim Min Jung talks to Ji Sung and Got7s Jinyoung about new dramas




Kim Min Jung talks to Ji Sung and Got7s Jinyoung about new dramas

Kim Min Jung can play opposite Ji Sang and Got7‘s Jinyoung in an upcoming drama!

On December 4th, Kim Min Jung’s agency confirmed that the actress was currently in talks for a lead role in the upcoming drama “The Devil Judge” (literal translation). A representative from the agency said: “Kim Min Jung has been offered the lead female role in TVN’s new drama ‘Devil Judge’ due to air next year and she is currently considering the offer.”

“Devil Judge” tells the story of a Chief Justice who turns the court into a reality show to punish evil – and the persecution that ensues when another judge tries to discover the Chief Justice’s true identity.

Ji Sung is currently in talks to play as Kang Yo Han, headed “Devil Judge”, while Jinyoung is in talks for the role of Judge Kim Ga On. Park Gyu young is also in talks to appear in the drama as Detective Yoon Soo Hyun.

Kim Min Jung is said to have been offered the role of tough and ambitious Jung Sun Ah, who is the only person who can make Kang Yo Han work up a sweat. Though born into an impoverished family, her brilliant mind, innate charm, and unprecedented thirst for success and power allowed her to climb the ladder of society.

Should Kim Min Jung and Ji Sung both take on their roles, they will reunite for the first time in 12 years: The two actors played together in the MBC drama “New heart“In the year 2007.

Are you excited to see Kim Min Jung, Ji Sung, Jinyoung and Park Gyu Young in this new drama?

In the meantime, see Kim Min Jung and Ji Sung on “New Heart” with English subtitles below!

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