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Kim Myung Soo talks about joining the Marines and more




In a recent interview and picture for The Star Magazine, INFINITE’s Kim Myung Soo talked about his upcoming military draft and looked back on the past decade.

Kim Myung Soo is currently preparing for it win on February 22nd at the Marine Corps, and he remarked, “I don’t know if this will be my last photoshoot before I’m hired.”

He explained why he chose the Marine Corps specifically: “I had no particular reason to sign up for the Marines. Since I’m going to be serving in the military anyway, I want to do a good job while I’m there. ”

Kim Myung Soo also spoke about his KBS 2TV drama “Royal Secret Agent,” in which he currently appears as Libertine Secret Inspector Sung Yi Kyum.

He described what attracted him about the drama and recalled: “I really liked the format and the way it was broken down into different adventures. I was also very attracted to the character of Sung Yi Kyum, who led the life of a libertine and then gradually began to grow and mature after being commissioned by a royal secret agent. ”

Kim Myung Soo talks about joining the Marines and more

Ahead of his upcoming hiring, the idolized actor will release his first official solo single. “memoryFebruary 3rd.

“I always wanted to sing and give my fans a good song to listen to,” said Kim Myung Soo. “This song has to do with memory and it has really great lyrics that have a sentimental feel to it. Hearing it can make you feel calmer and may make you feel a little soft and emotional. ”

Kim Myung Soo talks about joining the Marines and more

When asked to sum up his twenty in one sentence, Kim Myung Soo simply replied, “I’ve worked hard.”

When the star turned 30 this year, according to Korean estimates, I shared, “Things haven’t changed much since I was 30. I’m always pretty much the same. If I get older year after year, I’m probably a little more mature than last year. ”

“When I was missing something,” he continued, “I worked hard to improve. Because I had to do it so that people could trust me and look forward to me. I worked hard and did my best in the situations I was given. ”

When asked what kind of actor or singer he would like to be in the future, Kim Myung Soo said thoughtfully, “There isn’t necessarily a certain type of person I want to be. I want to improve my skills in my current situation and become someone who has more to offer. ”

Kim Myung Soo talks about joining the Marines and moreKim Myung Soo talks about joining the Marines and more

Watch Kim Myung Soo in his drama “Meow the secret boy”With subtitles below!

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