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“Law of the jungle”: Chanyeol takes on the challenges




"Law of the jungle": Chanyeol takes on the challenges

Law of the Jungle brings several celebrities together, and one of the celebrities who has grabbed the audience’s attention the most is Chanyeon. The first teaser shows how the idol will fare in his adventure in the jungle.

The thrill for EXO-L increased before the previous images of the next Reality show. The skills and charisma of Chanyeol They are shown again on screen as we observe their exploits in the struggle for survival in unknown lands, where their only allies will be their creativity, cunning and intelligence.

This isn’t the first time the rapper has joined the television show that brings celebrities to life in the midst of nature. In 2013 Chanyeol He spent a week in Micronesia, an area of ​​Oceania, while visiting Brunei in 2015 with another team of artists.

What will we see in the 2020 edition of the Law of the Jungle?

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The Teaser For this show it has already been revealed and the first scenes show us the team doing fun activities like climbing and jumping into the water. The face of Chanyeol lights up as he greets his teammates’ successful actions, but everything is unlikely to be easy for this group of celebrities who are now explorers.

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