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Lee Do Hyun reveals what was the most stressful filming





In a recent interview and picture for @ star1 magazine Lee Do Hyun based on his experience filming his latest drama “18 Again. “

The actor recently starred on JTBC’s “18 Again” as Hong Dae Young, a 37-year-old man on the verge of divorce who is suddenly back in his 18-year-old body. Veteran actor Yoon sang Hyun appeared in the drama as the older version of Hong Dae Young – before magically transforming into Lee Do Hyun and turning 18 again.

Lee Do Hyun described what stressed him the most about his role: “It was a drama that put me under a lot of pressure because I was worried, ‘What if I don’t look like Yoon Sang Hyun? ‘I was very relieved that we received a positive answer. ”

He added, “Since it was my first lead role, I worked really hard on the analysis [the script and character] and my acting, so I’m very proud of the drama. ”

Lee Do Hyun reveals what was the most stressful filming

Lee Do Hyun had something important in common with his character, who was an aspiring basketball star in high school – the actor himself was a basketball player even during his own high school days.

“During the shooting, I had a special feeling because I was reminded of moments and real basketball games from my real life,” recalls Lee Do Hyun. “I could particularly relate to the scene in which [my character] feels nostalgic while holding his basketball trophies from past games. ”

Lee Do Hyun reveals what was the most stressful filming

Lee Do Hyun also shared that filming the drama made him reflect on his own relationship with his father – and even inspired him to express his love for his father louder in real life.

“My favorite scene is where I tell my father that I am Hong Dae Young in the middle of a basketball game, and we are able to clear up the misunderstandings that have lingered,” he said.

“While filming the drama, I thought a lot about my own father,” he continued, “and I tried to be a more loving son.”

Lee Do Hyun added affectionately, “I think it was a drama that broke certain stereotypes about father-son relationships.”

Do you miss Lee Do Hyun on “18 Again”? Watch him in his drama “Hotel Del Luna”With subtitles below!

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