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Lee Hyori shares his thoughts on many things




Lee Hyori participated in a picture and interview for the latest issue of GQ Korea!

The singer touched on a variety of topics, including relationships, social media, and motherhood.

When asked what the people she has worked with for a long time have in common, she replied that they are all good at what they do. She explained, “It doesn’t matter how close you are. If you don’t do it well, relationships won’t last long. And I think it’s important to grow together too. Of course, some people are naturally good at some things, but when we talk about trends and work hard to sync up, it feels like we’re maturing. I tend to work with people for long periods of time who accept things and grow without rejection. I can’t work with people who are too stubborn or complacent. I think the people I stay with are the ones I can keep talking to about work because they want to keep learning and are passionate about it. ”

Lee Hyori shares his thoughts on many thingsLee Hyori shares his thoughts on many thingsLee Hyori shares his thoughts on many things

Regarding things she hasn’t done before but wants to try, Lee Hyori said, “There’s nothing I haven’t done before, but my fans really liked it when I was part of Refund Sisters. I had a lot of fun too. In ‘Hyoris Homestay’ I showed a comfortable side of myself, but in the Refund Sisters I was able to show a refreshing side of myself. The fans have really liked seeing this since it’s been a while since I’ve shown that side of myself. So I wanted to go for a stronger photo shoot [for GQ magazine] because it was about the time I was completing my Refund Sisters promotions. ”

Previously, Lee Hyori had mentioned in “Hyoris Homestay” that she wanted to find out who she is, why she tries to show everything about herself, and whether she is happy with it. As she pondered these questions, she said, “It’s not that I want to show everything about myself, but I’m someone who’s not good at rejecting things. So when someone wants something or asks for something, I try to do it as often as possible. When someone says I have to be on a show, I can’t help but think, “Why not? It’s not a big deal anyway. ‘I’m weaker than people think so I try to show everything about myself. However, the production team and the public always have an insatiable request to see more of me. I know at some point I have to say no, but they like it so much. If people can get happy when I show myself, I tend to just try. I am not thinking of making more money and becoming more popular. I am very happy when I see that people like to see me. I can show myself when it makes you happy. I know it’s my privacy, but if people want to see it and have fun with it, I can show them. ”

Lee Hyori shares his thoughts on many thingsLee Hyori shares his thoughts on many thingsLee Hyori shares his thoughts on many things

The interviewer mentioned that it has been over three months since she deleted her social media account. When asked if it had any withdrawal effects, Lee Hyori admitted, “Sometimes I want to post things.”

She continued, “There are times when I think fans will love it when I post this.” I have a lot of fans who have been around for about 20 years. You don’t see me often because I don’t have a lot of activities. So I am very sorry. Handwritten letters are not common these days, but they send these to me. When I advertised at Refund Sisters, they sent me homemade cakes. They loved it when I posted something on social media so I feel bad that I can’t do this anymore. Social media is a good tool for expressing gratitude to someone. I am sad that I can no longer do this. And like most people, there are times when I want to show off or get attention. In this case, I ask my husband Lee Sang Soon to upload my photos to his social media account. ”

Laughing, the singer added: “He complains and tells me to set up a social media account again.” When asked if she had any plans, she answered openly: “No, not yet.”

One of the reasons Lee Hyori got rid of her social media account was because it became a bad habit and she kept checking it out. Instead, she talked about what she was doing during this time and said, “I love reading books and I’ve read a lot of them, but I haven’t done that in a while. I didn’t want to get carried away by other people’s thoughts. Every life is different and it is important to learn different things from people, but I thought learning from books would lock me up so I stayed away from them. However, I started reading again. My husband and I used to go on our cell phones for an hour before going to sleep. But nowadays we read books together. I love this time. ”

Lee Hyori shares his thoughts on many thingsLee Hyori shares his thoughts on many thingsLee Hyori shares his thoughts on many things

When asked what she would like to try in 2021, Lee Hyori replied, “I’m thinking about having a child.” The interviewer asked her if she was serious, and the singer said, laughing, “I’ll try.”

Lee Hyori was asked if she was afraid of becoming a mother, and she honestly replied, “I want to be one. I want to experience true love. I can’t imagine how a mother feels. I wanna feel that I wish I could have a deeper understanding of people by creating and raising a human being. That is my personal wish.

She went on to talk about what kind of mother she would like to be. She said, “I’ve never thought of that before. I just want to love someone so much with all my heart that I can trade my life for them. Honestly, I love my husband, but if he asks me to die for him, I won’t. ”

Lee Hyori continued, “Isn’t that true? Could You Really Die For Your Husband? However, I think I can do that for my child. So I wonder what kind of love it is and how it feels. I want to see it before I die. ”

When the interviewer pointed out that having a baby brings unexpected joy but could completely ruin our habits, she commented, “Our lives are already chaotic because of the dogs, so we are used to it. As for the joy it brings … I’m not sure of that. Instead of wondering how happy I will be, I am more curious about what love for a child will be like and how deep a mother’s love is for her child. I want to experience it. ”

Lee Hyori shares his thoughts on many thingsLee Hyori shares his thoughts on many thingsLee Hyori shares his thoughts on many things

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