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Lisa and Jisoo: 7 funny moments




Lisa and Jisoo: 7 funny moments

The funniest moments between Lisa and Jisoo that show the great friendship between them.

During their careers the girls from BLACKPINK they shared different moments on and off the stage between her companions and the two of them are no exception; very special bond who gave them their name Smooth. Both of them have shared some live broadcasts and other recordings expressing how well they get along.

As in everyone Friendship, Jisoo and Lisa They have fun with each other, joke, shop, eat together, sleep over, or watch Star Wars and they often do live broadcasts where they have shown FLASH the great chemistry they have and because they a so fun duo.

It is relationship from best friends has intrigued Knetiznes and fans as it is said that they shared several Suitable accessories such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, even Rolex branded luxury watches; In South Korea, it is common to wear something to play with if you have one relationship, not necessarily in a romantic plan, but that shows your best friend and you have a great one Connection.

Its Moments are not limited to just the bedroom of BLACKPINK, They also perform at concerts, reality shows or improvising in front of the camera and fall in love with each other FLASH with his Friendship. We leave you 7 funny moments between Jisoo and Lisa. What are the best memories besides yours best friend?

During a live broadcast on VLive, Lisa and Jisoo shared one of the funniest memories during their concerts: Lisa He took off his sock and shoe in front of thousands of people without knowing what he was doing. Her partner didn’t stop laughing when she remembered the moment.

During the pre-concerts, fans enjoy the songs of BLACKPINK, Lisa and Jisoo They waited for the moment to go on stage and Lisa started performing the fan chant and singing the song like a fan, Jisoo You also choose to have fun.

The girls visited a fruit farm and Jisoo started filming Lisa Using her cell phone as if it were a vitamin C commercial, the idol modeled an orange in front of the local trees and used it to advertise the best juice Friend.

Aegyo comes naturally to idols, especially girls’ groups. Lisa Y. Jisoo They have a habit of waging a rigid war with anything and gestures, making adorable faces, or pretending to be angry while looking directly at each other.

“Ice Cream …” Like your song in the past Jisoo and Lisa They enjoyed some desserts while filming a video but decided to play with each other and started acting sweetly while gesturing or squeezing.

During one of his reality shows, a chapter was shown in which Jennie joins in when he decides to take over the bed Jisoo and snuggle up next to her, but Lisa finds her and begins to pull her while her partner asks a for help Jisoo that takes refuge under the covers.

During the broadcasts Jisoo and Lisa They decided to cover a nursery rhyme while the dancer was playing a small guitar, her partner decided to use her balance skills, and while they were singing, she turned a bottle on her head without dropping it.

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