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Mnet responds to criticisms of bad treatment of idols in 2020 MAMA




Mnet responds to criticisms of bad treatment of idols in 2020 MAMA

The presentation of the Mnet Asian Music Awards was embroiled in a new controversy due to complaints from fans about the idols’ experience during the event.

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Year-end events are always filled with exciting fans looking forward to seeing their favorite groups and singers on a big stage and getting recognition for their work, but the discomfort was there when many noticed the MAMA 2020 they didn’t give that treatment suitable for Idols.

From the day of the show Some photos were posted by group members waiting in the parking lot and in their cars applying makeup to themselves with the help of phone flashes, and some even took time to broadcast live with their followers or share some pictures.

The criticism against Mnet increased when the backstage pictures actor Those responsible for the award ceremony showed that they had ideal rooms to wait for the stage, as well as a catering service.

Mnet’s response to criticism of MAMA 2020

No Cut News revealed to the public that, according to a representative of the Mnet Asian Music Awards The place where the event took place is under construction, so there wasn’t enough space to use it. Due to the safety regulations in view of new cases of infection, they decided not to allow everyone present access to the waiting rooms, as it would be risky to gather so many people.

His testimony revealed that Idols didn’t have to rehearse as the presentations had been recorded, so it was decided to give them the available waiting areas actor responsible for presenting the awards but assured the catering service was available to all.

This was not the only discomfort that fans expressed from fans on social networks Groups of K-pop, the criticism The time each group had, the distribution of presentations, and the selection of a few winners were another factor that was talked about a lot, but as if that wasn’t enough it also brought back memories of the problems in other editions .

MAMA’s past increases fan dissatisfaction

Before that, however, the prizes were held with a large audience in the audience Mnet and CJ ENM have been criticized for high ticket costs, mostly because of the stars of K-pop are not making a profit from the event.

It is also known that there has been a party after the awards in recent years, but generally the Idols will only be invited if they give a presentation in the meantime.

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