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MONSTA X won “The Show” with “Love Killa”




MONSTA X won "The Show" with "Love Killa"

MONSTA X. won the program The show of SBS With Dear Killa.

MONSTA X’s “Love Killa” translation + Korean texts and romanization

MONSTA X. has expired in the program The show of SBS With Dear Killa. They beat with 7410 points greeting from AB6IX already Caught by Park Ji Hoon.

Check out the following fan comments:

Thanks to Monbebe who has worked very hard these days, to Monbebe who is always up to date, to Monbebe who is a voluntary stream for Genie / Melon, to Monbebe who is always ready to help and inform, thank you to everyone, to everyone, everyone who tried hard

The before and after striptease AJAJAJAJSJS the most random thing I’ve seen, I love you

I can’t stop looking at the picture and seeing that we had over 1000 in each score. If they do everything as if it was the first day we will have more opportunities to see them that way and give them all the victories they deserve. We have already shown that we can do it

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