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Moon Ga Young talks about her “True Beauty” character





Moon ga young spoke about her new role in TVN’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “True Beauty”!

Based on the hit Webtoon of the same name, “True Beauty” is a romantic comedy about a girl named Lim Ju Gyeong (Moon Ga Young) who eagerly uses makeup to hide her bare face and combat insecurities about her appearance. STAR‘s Cha eun woo will appear in the drama as Lee Su Ho, a popular college student who has his own emotional wounds Hwang in yeob will play Han Seo Jun, an indomitable rebel with a surprisingly warm heart.

Moon Ga Young announced that she had decided to play on “True Beauty” because she could sense a bright energy from the project. She explained, “Since Lim Ju Gyeong is a new kind of character that I haven’t met yet, I felt like I wanted to face the challenge.”

True Beauty

The actress commented, “Since Lim Ju Gyeong is a character who can travel through different genres, her charm is that I can portray him freely. It will even have action scenes, so please look forward to Lim Ju Gyeong’s appearance. ”

Given their similarities with her character, Moon Ga Young revealed that they both had definite taste in music. However, the actress stated that she is the worry and thought-provoking type, while Lim Ju Gyeong has a very bright and optimistic personality.

Moon Ga Young revealed, “In Episode 1, Ju Gyeong goes through a lot of trial and error before she gets remarkably good makeup. We had a lot of fun filming this process so I’m excited to see how viewers will see this. ”

Moon Ga Young talks about her “True Beauty" character

The actress also spoke about her “True Beauty” co-stars. She shared, “Cha Eun Woo has one tsundere Hwang In Yeob has a charming voice. I have a great time filming with them. ”

Moon Ga Young commented, “‘True Beauty’ will be an relatable, lovable, and heartbreaking drama that paints the worries, transformations, and growth that everyone in their teens goes through at least once when they grow up.” She added, “Please pay attention to how each of the characters will overcome their growing pain in order to mature.” Finally, Moon Ga Young asked viewers to look forward to the drama.

Moon Ga Young talks about her “True Beauty" character

“True Beauty” premieres on December 9th at 10:30 pm KST and will be available with English subtitles on Viki.

In the meantime, check out a teaser for the drama below!

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