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“More Than Family”: Krystal talks about hopes for an f (x) reunion





f (x) ‘s Krystal talked about her film debut with the movie “More Than Family”!

The comedy-drama film is about a college student named To Il (played by Krystal) whose passionate romance with a younger man leads her to become pregnant. When she is five months pregnant, she goes in search of her birth father, whom she has not heard from in 15 years, and the soon-to-be father who has left the house.

After seeing the film, Krystal stated, “The scenario was interesting to read, but the film was even more interesting than I expected. I couldn’t imagine how it would turn out and I didn’t see a lot of the edited videos so I was concerned. Our chemistry was good and it was fun. “Krystal added that she wanted to take on the role because trading had to take on new challenges.

Krystal talks about hopes for an f (x) reunion, difficulty portraying a pregnant character, and more

When Krystal directed the film alone, he said, “Since it was both my first and the director’s first film, we said we should fully prepare everything with no problem. However, there were days when I suddenly felt like I couldn’t do it and cried in frustration. ”

She continued, “I said I would do it because I thought I could do it well, but when I saw the script again three days later I wondered why I said I could do it and if I did it could do well. Whenever I felt this, I would meet the director and talk to her a lot. In all honesty, that’s how I feel about every project. Before filming, I face a crisis. That builds and explodes. Then I think, “Whatever.” I think I feel better after exploding like this once. ”

Krystal also spoke about her role as a pregnant woman. She said, “I tried to find the lightest maternity belt, but my waist and neck hurt from using it for a long time. My body was also bent. Before filming, I thought the most about how a pregnant person would move, but my posture and gait came out naturally after wearing the maternity belt. So I thought more about To Il’s feelings than about pregnancy. ”

Krystal talks about hopes for an f (x) reunion, difficulty portraying a pregnant character, and more

The actress also revealed that she gained weight for the role. She commented, “I was on a diet but the director told me I needed to fill my cheeks more so I went out to eat well. I don’t usually weigh myself so I don’t know how much I won, but it should be a lot. Thanks to that, however, it looked natural, so it was good. ”

Due to the similarities with their characters, Krystal shared that both believed in themselves and acted responsibly. She stated that the two were no different in terms of their families. Krystal stated, “I follow my family’s opinions well. I listen to them carefully and am surprisingly conservative. “She continued,” I’m the type who gets advice from the family. Whenever I have concerns or bad news, I talk about anything. ”

Krystal also shared that she is not as brave as To Il, who looked for her father with very few clues. Krystal shared, “I’m a coward. I prefer to be thorough, organize with details, and come up with a plan. ”

Additionally, Krystal showed that she had great chemistry with me Choi duk moon, who playfully treated her like a niece, and Jang Hye Jin with whom she talked a lot. Krystal commented, “I think I will remember a lot. I don’t want to give too much importance to “premieres”, but it is my first film and my first role as a pregnant woman. “She recommended that you watch the film because a lot of people would relate to it.

Krystal talks about hopes for an f (x) reunion, difficulty portraying a pregnant character, and more

Krystal also brought up her group f (x). She shared, “I came across acting, of course, and it’s not that I stopped being a singer to just be an actress. The timing just worked that way. When the fans are upset, I’m upset too. I wondered why they thought I was going to stop being a singer because I was acting. ”

The singer went on to explain that she was always open to opportunities in the hopes that people would not misunderstand her intentions. Regarding a possible f (x) reunion, she said: “It can’t happen because we want it to, and there are many conditions for an album production. There were circumstances that we cannot talk about, and I think it’s a shame too. We always talk to members about future meetings. ”

Although 12 years had passed since her debut through f (x), Krystal found that it didn’t feel like it, despite releasing at least one new album or participating in at least one new project every year. She shared, “When I start something, I’m the type who has to see it through to the end.” She added that she always did her best without regrets.

Eventually, Krystal shared that she wanted to become an actress who would get people to see her projects. She added that the appeal of acting is living a different life, such as that of a pregnant person or a soldier.

Watch Krystal as a soldier in her current drama “search” Below:

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