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“Mouse” has officially announced its leading actors





tvN’s upcoming drama “Mouse” has officially announced its leading actors!

Mouse is an exciting new mystery drama set in a world where people can identify psychopaths by doing a DNA test on a fetus in the womb.

Lee Seung Gi was before Approved starring in the drama as Jung Ba Reum, a distinguished rookie cop who is passionate about justice and who is almost incredibly kind. However, his whole life is turned upside down due to unexpected events during his hunt for the serial killer that has made the entire nation tremble with fear.

In his first drama role in six years Lee Hee Joon will star as Go Moo Chi, a die-hard detective whose parents were murdered when he was young. Go Moo Chi is determined to avenge his parents’ murder.

Park ju hyun will play the role of Oh Bong Yi, a tough high school graduate who lives alone with her grandmother and who knows martial arts. Whenever she encounters the neighborhood policeman Jung Ba Reum, the two have amusing arguments.

Kyung Soo Jin will appear in the drama as Choi Hong Joo, a talented producer (PD) known as “Sherlock Hong Joo”. She also hides a secret that forced her to tangle with a murderer when she was a child.

"Mouse" has officially announced its leading actors

Ahn jae wook will play the role of the famous neurosurgeon Han Seo Joon while Kim Jung Nan his wife will play Sung Ji Eun.

Block B’s POwho was before Approved To appear in the drama, he will play a rookie detective who works under Go Moo Chi.

"Mouse" has officially announced its leading actors

The drama producers commented, “’Mouse,’ selected as one of the most anticipated dramas of the first half of 2021, has confirmed its final lineup of leads and is taking its first step forward. Please look forward to ‘Mouse’ as it opens new horizons for TVN drama and the acting of its cast. ”

“Mouse” is currently slated to premiere sometime in the first half of 2021.

Are you looking forward to this new drama? Let us know your thoughts below!

In the meantime, see Lee Seung Gi on “Master in the house“With subtitles here:

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