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“Mr. Queen” reveals group poster





After funny Instagram post-style custom character posters were revealed, tvN’s “Mr. Queen” Revealed a group poster!

“Mr. Queen” is an upcoming TVN drama about a modern man whose soul is trapped in the body of a Queen from the Joseon Dynasty.

Shin Hye sun Stars like Kim So Yong, the Joseon Queen with the soul of Jang Bong Hwan, a chef who works in the Blue House. Kim Jung Hyun Stars like King Cheoljong, who is outwardly a weak and ineffective king, but appears stronger and sharper than him. Bae Jong Ok plays Queen Sunwon, who holds the reins of true power behind the throne, and Kim tae woo plays Kim Jwa Geun, Sunwon’s younger brother.

The group poster reads: “Everyone in the palace has secrets. But no seal lasts forever. “Kim So Yong is elegantly dressed Hanbok a queen, but sits in the classic “man-spreading” pose of a modern man with a tendency to bluff.

She sits at the center of a triangle of power and politics formed by King Cheoljong, Queen Sunwon and Kim Jwa Geun. King Cheoljong stares into the distance, carefully keeping his inner thoughts hidden. Queen Sunwon keeps a keen eye on him, showing her intention to keep the king under her thumb at all times. Kim Jwa Geun looks down on both of them with ambition and reveals his insatiable need for power.

"Mr. Queen” reveals group poster

“Mr. Queen” premieres on December 12th at 9pm KST and will be available on Viki.

Check out a teaser below!

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