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“Mr. Queen”: Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun complement each other





tvN’s upcoming historical merger drama “Mr. Queen” Released new stills from Shin Hye sun and Kim Jung Hyun.

“Lord. Queen” plays Shin Hye Sun as a modern man whose soul is trapped in the body of a queen from the Joseon Dynasty. Kim Jung Hyun plays King Cheoljong, a king who appears weak and ineffective on the outside but a hidden one Side of himself.

The new stills show a confrontation between Kim So Yong, the Joseon queen with the soul of Jang Bong Hwan trapped in her, and Cheoljong. Cheoljong tries to read his book quietly, but a mud-splattered Kim So Yong invades his personal space and, despite his unflattering reaction, demands something from him.

Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun complement each other

Shin Hye Sun said, “Like his character Cheoljong, Kim Jung Hyun is an actor with many unexpected sides. It’s gentle and soft, but has a mischievous side. He’s completely immersed in his character and holding his own weight, making filming felt as comfortable as if we’d worked together for a long time. ”

Kim Jung Hyun said, “It’s fun filming because Shin Hye Sun is the mood maker in the cast. She has great respect for her co-star during filming and her warm heart shines through when she compliments us and comforts us about what we are doing well. ”

The production staff of “Mr. Queen said, “The synergy between Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun, who have become completely one with their characters, is amazing. Her acting brings her multi-faceted characters to life. They were able to create comical synergies from the dynamic scenes that arise from the characters’ unusual situation. Please look forward to your transformation. ”

“Mr. Queen” premieres December 12th at 9pm KST and is available on Viki.

Check out a teaser below!

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