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NiziU and other rookie groups to add to your playlist




NiziU and other rookie groups to add to your playlist

NiziU and other rookie groups to add to your playlist

2020 was full of debuts in the world of K-pop. Meet some refreshing musical proposals that you will love.

The K-pop and the J-pop These are industries that continue to grow and are better positioned at the most important points on the charts. Different groups every year they debut with his own style that wants to win the hearts of fans.

Recently, NiziU presented his debut with ‘Step and a Step’, a song about overcoming the idols of the company JYP Entertainment They wanted to bring a happy and positive message to all of their followers.

Other K-pop groups that performed on stage were: ENHYPEN, CRAXY, AESPA, MCND, STAYC Y. XENEX. Bands Newbies demonstrated the strength of her steps and the power of her voice in the MVs his Debuts.

Meet up with some boy and girl bands pop Korean that will make you fall in love with his personality, music and concept, let the talent of these Idols newbies Arrow your heart. Do you already have your favorites?

Rookie groups that debuted in 2020


The group was formed through a reality show from the company Big hit Y. CJ E & M, The finalists debuted with the track ‘Given taken‘, which was released on November 30, 2020, the clip quickly exceeded 10 million views.

For more details on this premiere debut: ENHYPEN Debuts in the K-pop with the MV Given taken.


Girls group 5 debuted with ‘ARIA’, the MV It had a huge production and fused interesting sounds with fresh choreography and lots of hand movements. The first clip of CRAXY more than 3 million visits.


The girls group from SM entertainment Premiere ‘BLACK MAMBA ‘ first single digitally, the song gained massive popularity on music platforms and topped several music charts.


The Top Media Group presented ‘TOP GANG‘ as your first single, the MV was released on January 2, 2020 the personality music of Idols He focused on rap and hip hop and showed a brave and defiant side.


The girls group had its premiere ‘So bad‘ On November 12, 2020, the clip showed the members in magical, glowing sets. The track had a mix of retro rhythms that gave it a mature and feminine style.


The male group of K-pop debuted with the subject ‘IT’S GONNA HURT‘, a dark clip with a powerful choreography. The concept of Boy group it was powerful, with black and white looks.


The idols of J-pop debuted on November 24, 2020 with ‘Step and a Step’, the group directed by Mako over 28 million views on the YouTube platform, the style of the Idols The clip is colorful and shows off the singing and rap skills of the artists.

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