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OST that EXO members have performed for k-dramas




OST that EXO members have performed for k-dramas

Check out the songs that some EXO idols created especially for K-dramas. These are your OST.

The boys from EXO excelled in the world of K-pop Thanks to his acting talents, the vocal line is the Boy group He has extraordinary abilities that can convey thousands of emotions.

Each of them Members from EXO has had solo activities and Idols ventured into the world of Dramas by lending your voice Songs Specials that animate the unforgettable chapters of this series.

Which is it EAST from EXO What else do you like? This time we will show you the themes that are part of it Soundtracks of major films and dramas such as: Moon lover Scarlet Heart Ryo, Record of youth Y. leprechaun.

Find out the facet of Idols from EXO as Singer from EAST.

EXO soundtracks for K-dramas


  • For you: That topic was OST of the drama Moon lover Scarlet Heart Ryo, Where Baekhyun participated in the occupation.
  • Be my love: the subunit of EXO made this song especially for the soundtrack of Love playlist 4.
  • Cry: Song from the soundtrack of Final life.


  • You are the one: melody What’s from the k-drama soundtrack Falling for challenge.


  • Sedansogu: EAST from How are you bread
  • Starlight: A collaboration of Suho with Remi for Star of the universe.


  • Beautiful: Song of the series EXO next door, The first drama by the K-pop group.
  • My love: This topic from Baekhyun belongs to the OST of Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2.
  • Happy: Track from the drama soundtrack Do you like brahms?
  • Every second: K-Drama soundtrack melody Record of youth.


  • Best luck: Song that is part of the soundtrack for the Korean series It’s okay. That’s love
  • Everytime: A collaboration song with Punch, both singers lent it their voices EAST of drama Descendants of the sun.
  • Beautiful accident: A collaboration of Chen With Suho for the OST of Beautiful accident.
  • Cherry blossom love song: Soundtrack of the drama 100 days my prince.
  • Make it count: Original song OST to the Touch your heart
  • Rainfall: EAST from Chief of staff.
  • I’m not ok: OST melody of Missing nine.
  • Your moonlight: Korean drama OST Do you like brahms?


  • Stay with me: Chanyeol worked with Punch for the OST of Drama Goblin.
  • Go away go away: Another idol collaboration with Punch for the drama Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2.


  • Don’t worry my dear: A song by Kyungsoo in collaboration with Jo Jung Suk for Hyung.
  • Crying out: Special idol song for k-drama CART.

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