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Park Jin Young quit smoking thanks to Rain




In the latest episode of “Ask us anything“, “Park Jin Young” shared the story like Rain became his motivation to quit smoking!

During the JTBC variety show broadcast on Jan. 2, Rain and Park Jin Young appeared as guests to promote their new duo single. “Switch to me. “Park Jin Young surprised cast members in the typical guessing game segment of the show by revealing the unusual reason he quit smoking many years ago because of the rain.

The founder of JYP Entertainment stated that when Rain first debuted under his agency, he was doing some kind of spiritual business: “I’m willing to quit smoking if it means Rain can make it big.”

Park Jin Young quit smoking thanks to RainPark Jin Young quit smoking thanks to Rain

“Back then, I really wanted this kid to be a success,” said Park Jin Young. “I think Jihoon [Rain’s given name] meant something different to me than other singers. While he was still an intern, his mother deceased and I was with him throughout this experience. I think he found his way into my heart. ”

“I felt so strong that he had to be successful, that I wanted to do something [to make it happen] “I continued.” So I thought about what would be the most difficult thing for me and decided, ‘I’m going to quit smoking”.

Park Jin Young continued, “So I quit smoking and I could never start again. Because somehow I felt like if I ever started smoking again, Rain’s success would go away and he would be ruined. Because he did it so well [after I quit]. ”

Bring his 2017 track on “gear”(What went viral That year, after becoming a meme but not gaining popularity when it was first released, Rain joked, “Did you just happen to start smoking again when I released my ‘Gang’ album?”

After everyone collapsed, Park said to Jin Young, “From that day on, I’ve never smoked a single cigarette.”

Park Jin Young quit smoking thanks to RainPark Jin Young quit smoking thanks to Rain

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