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Park So Dam sits down to talk with Solar of MAMAMOO




Park So Dam sat down for an interview with Solar from MAMAMOO!

On January 25th, Solar shared a video on her YouTube channel “Solarsido” in which she shows the interview with actress Park So Dam. Both of them are recently on the reality show “Camping vibes“.

Park So Dam said she is currently appearing in the play “Grandpa Henri and I” (also known as “The Student and Mr. Henri”) and pointed out that Solar had come to see it. “It was really interesting,” said Solar, and she also shared that she cried while watching.

Park So Dam told him story like she really didn’t believe it when director Bong Joon Ho contacted her to cast her in the movie “Parasite” without auditioning. “I wasn’t with an agency back then and was just spending time alone when I was contacted by director Bong Joon Ho, so of course I didn’t believe it,” she said. “I did not answer”.

Solar commented, “They let him read,” and they both laughed. “He contacted me again and asked why I didn’t believe it,” said Park So Dam. She also talked about speaking to Bong Joon Ho earlier when she was invited to audition for his movie “Okja”. Although it was decided she was going to be too old to play the character Mi Ja, she had chatted with the director for an hour and a half.

Solar asked to confirm some of the things she had read about the secrets behind the making of Parasite. Park So Dam confirmed that the alley in front of her character’s family’s basement apartment was a set built in a tank so it could be filled with water for the flood scene. “I was also surprised the first time I went,” said So Dam. “It seemed like it was real.” The actress also confirmed that the rich park family’s home was entirely built for the film and no longer stands.

Park So Dam sits down to talk with Solar of MAMAMOO

Solar went on to ask Park So Dam if he would like to go to the Cannes Film Festival with the film. Park So Dam mentioned how close the cast was to each other and said, “My approach was that I should see, hear and feel as much as possible. But I was so nervous. I looked behind me and Tilda Swinton was there. I was so nervous. It was really big and my face appeared on that big screen. They clapped and cheered while watching the movie and I felt so touched. It felt pretty strange. ”

Solar shared that she felt overwhelmed by emotions at home as well. “I thought I was going to cry [when you won the award]Solar said. Park So Dam replied, “We’d all cried a few times and every moment was so touching.” She also said with a laugh that she’s still confused about it.

The MAMAMOO member spoke about how Park So Dam had shaved his head for the film “The Priests”. “Are you afraid of such transformations?” asked Solar.

“Instead of being scary, it’s really fun to take on a challenge and I’m looking forward to it,” said Park So Dam. “Fortunately, I seem to be the type that enjoys this. “When else would I shave my head? When should I perform like this? ‘I’m very excited to have such opportunities. ”

Solar also asked Park So Dam if she was scared while making “The Priests”. “I wasn’t scared at all,” replied Park So Dam. The couple laughed as she continued. “I slept so peacefully. I’ve never had a nightmare or sleep paralysis”.

Park So Dam shared that everyone on the set had been talking every day about how to make things funnier and scary. “But I heard you can’t see scary things,” said Solar. Park So Dam replied with a laugh, “Yeah I can’t, I can’t and I hate it!” She explained that she could see “The Priests” because it hadn’t seemed scary to her since she was there.

Solar asked Park So Dam to describe the type of role she would like to play. “I’d love to do a drama like Forest of Secrets,” said Park So Dam. “I want to try to play a woman who is a little more mature.”

Watch Solar and Park So Dam in “Camping Vibes” below!

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