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“Penthouse” is preparing for a second season




"Penthouse" is preparing for a second season

Everything points to the SBS drama penthouse is preparing for a Second season.

penthouse focuses on the stories of three women who have chosen different paths in life and are ready to do anything to protect themselves and their children on their dangerous path to success.

According to the information released by the chain in a statement on November 18, the production team of penthouse will begin filming the second season of the drama in early December. No dates have been released at the moment, but the goal seems to be to air the second season in the first half of 2021.

Since January 2020 it has been discussed whether penthouse It was supposed to be a drama with different seasons, but production of the series hadn’t announced it until recently. Apparently, the decision to create a new season stems from the tremendous success of the episodes, which have aired so far despite criticism, as the drama includes themes such as infidelity and school violence. The last episode broadcast penthouseThe seventh achieved an audience rating of 14.5%.

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Despite its popularity, the series closes as planned with 20 episodes. As soon as the filming for the first season is finished, no later than November 24th, the production team will start preparing the second season of penthouse.

However, the production of the series has decided to keep the information about the second season a secret until it can start filming, and the cast and staff have been asked to keep all the details secret as well so as not to core important information about it. to the property.

An official source for the chain said, “The team at penthouse has ordered not to reveal even production details for the next season of the drama. In fact, some of the actors don’t know whether or not they will appear on season two. This is because any piece of information could become one spoiler».

On the other hand a representative of the agency one of the actors of penthouse He said, “It’s frustrating, but I understand that because of the nature of the drama, the team can’t discuss issues related to the new production.”

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